"Beams From Heaven" by Christopher L. Huggins


Runtime: 0:28:11 In "Beams from Heaven", the phenomenal DBDT dancers will move your spirit to the legendary music of Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Patti LaBelle, and Duke Ellington in the riveting dance. Choreographer Christopher L. Huggins set this spiritual dance and joyful celebration to traditional and contemporary gospel music. CHOREOGRAPHER Christopher L. Huggins (Original Premiere 2010; Redesigned 2020) ORIGINAL LIGHTING DESIGN Milton T. Tatum, Jr. LIGHTING RECREATION Pavel Perebillo COSTUME CONSTRUCTION Beth Thomason–Designes Unique AMAZING GRACE Charles Michael Patterson OH LORD, COME BY HERE Hana Delong Sierra Noelle Jones Lailah LaRose Renee Walters McKinley Willis Nycole Ray MARY DON'T YOU WEEP Hana Delong Renee Walters McKinley Willis PHARAOH'S ARMY Company COME YE Xavier Mack Sean J. Smith De’Anthony Vaughan WHOLY HOLY Nycole Ray and Zion Pradier with Company WHEN YOU’VE BEEN BLESSED Company OLD LANDMARK Company

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